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Nov.2015,the first loom product by Guangdong?Kingtex?Weaving?Equipment?Co.,Ltd. factory delivered for Customer.

Aug.2015,FENGKAI 's joint-stock restructuring,then Guangdong?Kingtex?Weaving?Equipment?Co.,Ltd.is set up.

Feb.2015,awarded as rapier loom R&D Center of national textile machinery industry.

August 2014,Member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee,provincial Party Secretary of Guangdong Mr HU CHUNHUA,came to FENGKAI for Investigation and inspection.

Dec.2013,awarded as Guangdong provincial service train key enterprise

Oct.2013,awarded as Cultivation enterprise of strategic emerging industries in Guangdong Province

August 2013,EXCELLENCE high speed rapier loom was named National key new product.

Dec.2012, got the Product development Contribution Award.

In Nov.2012, EXCELLENCE rapier loom was 2nd prize of “the light of science” Science and Technology Award organized by China Textile Industry Association.

In Aug.2012,V7M high speed terry loom,F22 High speed air jet loom and V7F(Cam beating up)high speed air jet loom were brought into the guiding plan of science and technology of China Textile Industry Association project for year 2012.

In May.2012, Fengkai was named the Private technology enterprise of Guangdong Province.

In Dec.2011, FENGKAI was named the Demonstration enterprise Top 100 enterprise for Intelligent Manufacturing project of Shunde District.

In Aug.2011, FENGKAI was brought into the 1st for the Industrial design application program of Shunde District.

In Mar.2011,awarded as Guangdong information and industrialization integration demonstration project industry bench-marking enterprise

In Dec.2010, Our trademark”KINGTEX” was named Guangdong Famous Trademark.

In Oct.2010,National Denim annual conference of Cotton textile association was held in our company.

In Oct.2010,10th anniversary celebration. Mr Gaoyong,who was the vice president of the China Textile Industry Association,Mr.Wang shutian,who was the chairman of China Textile machinery and Equipment Industry Association,and Vice chairman Mr Zhu xianmin and Lv honggang,visited and took part in the celebration.
In September 2010,awarded as Top 100 Advanced manufacturing industry of Modern industry in Guangdong.

June 2010,awarded as Key support enterprise of Shunde district quality enterprise development project(Dragon plan)

In May 2010,Our Chairman Mr.Chen Guoxi was awarded As the vice-chairman of China's textile machinery and equipment industry association.

In May 2009,awarded as Province-level technology centers of Guangdong Province.

In April 2009,awarded Top 50 enterprise of Provincal machinery equipment industry of Guangdong.

In Jan 2009,awarded Key Tech award for promoting the textile industry during Thirty years of reform and opening.

In Demember 2008,awarded as National Hi-tech enterprise.

In July 2008,awarded the Competition Power top 500 China textile & garment enterprise of2007-2008.

In April 2008,National industry standard"Flexible rapier loom"and Reliable assessment meeting of shuttless loom was held in our company.

In Nov 2007 EXCELLENCE high speed rapier loom was collected into the Central budget special funds (national debt) investment projects

In Oct 2007,the vice president of China textile industry association and president of cotton textile association visited Shunde and visited our High speed loom for Denim weaving with leaders of National Denim industry.

In September 2007,awarded the name of Famous product of Guangdong province

In May 2007, Our company gage control system passed the review by the Guangdong provincal quality engineering supervision bureau.

In September 2007,awarded the name of the Top 100 best type of medium and small-sized enterprises to grow stronger.

In May 2007,awarded "Guangdong adopt international standards of product acceptance certificate".

In March 2007,Cooperated with the legend capital.

In December 2006,upgraded to Provincial Textile machinery project R&D center of Guangdong.

In December 2006,awarded national Textile advanced collective.

In September 2006,KT566III high speed rapier loom was collected into NationalTorch Plan project.

In October 2005, the vice president of China textile industry association Mr Gaoyong visited the factory.

In December 2004, became the standing director unit of provincal textile association, and now we has been promoted to vice president of the director unit.

In March 2003, awarded the people's republic of china import and export enterprises qualification certificate" 

In 2000, Kingtex textile machinery factory was restructured into Guangdong Fengkai Machinery Co.,Ltd.

In 1997,the Chinese communist party politics bureau commissary and the vice premier Mr Li lanqing,and vice premier Mr Tian jiyun and other state leadership visited the shuttless loom of the factory.

In Dec.1996,the vice director of the State Science and Technology Commission Ms.Zhu lilan ,the Vice-governor of Guangdong province Mr.Lu zhonghe and the director of Provincial Scienific & Techonlogical Commission Mr.Liang xiang visited the mill.

In Nov.1996,Mr.Wu wenying ,the chairman of General Association of China Textiles, and Mr.Zhang wang shu ,the vice director of Provincial textile department of Guangdong,visited the mill.

The company predecessor-----Shunde Kingtex textile machinery factory founded in 1992.