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Feng Kai success in 2015, Zhejiang Lanxi Smart loom site demonstration

2015/7/20 20:44:46 Hit:13488
June 11 to 13, the Guangdong Feng Kai Machinery Co., Ltd. in Lanxi City, Zhejiang Province held a grand "smart weaving equipment on-site demonstrations" to attract many local textile enterprises to visit, made a good marketing effect, further enhancing the Kinder brand loom market acceptance in Lanxi.

Textile industry is the leading industry Lanxi advantage of existing over more than 1,500 textile enterprises, with "China weave city", "China's textile industry base city" honorary title. Currently, the city is moving to the textile Strong City, encourage enterprises to independent innovation, technological innovation, brand strategy, transformation and upgrading of the road of development, so as to better adapt to the new normal environment, seeking to achieve a higher level of new development.

Feng Kai way through the field demonstration, the city's textile enterprises to show the current domestic most advanced textile equipment and technology. According to the local textile industry, the show Pepsi and F22Ⅱ high-speed high-speed rapier loom, a live demonstration of advanced features two models in denim and white fabric weaving, and has been visiting the exhibition customers highly recognized manufacturers.

The demonstration was strongly supported Lanxi City Economic and Information Bureau and Lanxi City Textile Industry Association, hoping Feng Kai's technology platform to further promote the transformation and upgrading of Lanxi textile enterprises and technological innovation. In the first day of the demonstrations, the leaders of the local economic authorities also visit the exhibition site for the tour guide.