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Present survive cotton SMEs

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The temperature will rise, the arrival of spring, but the textile industry because of a variety of factors are still in the "winter" at home. After the Spring Festival, a large textile enterprises operating in good condition, while the number of SMEs are facing start low, serious loss of orders, financial pressure, and finished generally higher raw material inventory and other problems. Coupled with the current high inventory of cotton policy uncertainty and cotton treasury, general business outlook pessimistic attitude, production and management tends defensive. Insiders said the impact of the cotton purchasing and storage policies for China's cotton textile enterprises at least three years, you can say that a new shuffle cotton textile industry is beginning.
    In recent years, the cotton textile industry has been sluggish, a former labor, environment, energy, land, raw materials and other low-cost advantages, according to proud history, the textile industry, especially SMEs, cost pressures due to the limits of survival, especially the textile industry SMEs go, how to get rid of the current predicament is the focus of concern.
    Learn from each other to find a new growth point
    According to the China Textile Industry Association statistics by the end of 2013, our existing textile enterprises 184,000, industry cluster pilot grant has reached 197, known labor-intensive textile industry began to develop model Baotuan heating. Especially small and medium textile enterprises, by "man operation" is difficult to resist raw material prices, labor costs higher ranking multiple tests, and inter-enterprise integration of complementary and give full play to their own characteristics, the specialized production, the chain supporting resources can be achieved by dispersing risk, reduce costs, and promote the sustained and healthy development of industry.
    It is reported that 68.52% of the current textile industry average profit margin of only 0.73% of enterprises, the lowest profit in recent years, but there are nearly 14 million tons of the fiber processing capacity has not been released, according to the market if you have the amount of spindles 1.2 one hundred million, with an average production of 21 yarn production estimates, about 45 million more spinning equipment production capacity, if drawn down to 32, then more than half of the production capacity has been saturated, that is, now spinning capacity serious super negative, Even the next 5 to 6 years to expand investment in China's textile industry is no longer existing capacity is enough. Also shows that half of the total amount of equipment needed there spindles transformation, we must adjust the product structure as soon as possible, especially so pure cotton business, should increase the technical upgrading equipment, adjust production more than 50 high-count, high-end combed or fine management and well-funded production J32 ~ J40 high quality, high value-added brands specifically for international brand yarn fabric and yarn knitted garments, to enhance competitive advantage.
    Is properly configured to maximize performance
    Some small businesses always like Herd, "ism" has become the habit of thinking, to think of spinning hairiness, increase production, reduce employment thought spinning, vortex spinning. Spend everything possible to reduce costs after spinning, bet on spinning, this approach tends to be counterproductive.
    Admittedly, when the increase in spinning yarn strength, reduce hairiness, high count yarn spinning obvious advantages, but it does not mean that quality indicators have guaranteed up to standard. The main component spinning negative long-term friction ring shaped tube with the grid, will bring wear, clogging grid circle, running instability and other problems, particularly at high spinning yarn, with cotton on high, and if the enterprise infrastructure poor management, eager to put down with cotton, then the overall decline in the quality of yarn is expected in the matter.
    Some SMEs do not know because of the compact spinning technology, or lack of spinning manufacturers recognize the quality of compact spinning device, a rarity with inexpensive, equipment configuration is not in place, the final will directly affect the quality of yarn. Such as spinning 4-roller pressure is larger than the traditional ring spinning, compact spinning reconstruction cradle to support the replacement of the original spring, and some companies did not agree, resulting in a large difference in the quality of ingot. Automatic doffing yarn spinning long car because the front and rear, long distance cause pressure to increase, so that the deviation count to increase, but companies do not care, and finally the yarn did not meet quality requirements.
    Also some companies reluctant to use air conditioning, occasionally open to open, even ordinary spinning and compact spinning in a workshop, not air purification, a substantial increase in yarn faults, even the original is difficult to guarantee quality. In fact, the compact spinning technology management have unique requirements, many companies had managed chaos, but caused "chaos on chaos", the results become a burden and a burden of remorse after spinning launched. Therefore, any new updates must have supporting technological innovation and strict management system to keep up, according to new technical requirements laws, due to plant system should, in order to achieve the desired results.
    Careful planning to maximize the benefits
    Reduce yarn hairiness must comply, after the product style, use, process requirements and so on, the hairiness is not better, Siro spinning, rotor spinning, jet vortex spinning, vortex spinning and other spinning technology to achieve reduction hairiness purpose, but different fiber spinning technology with different effects and capacity varied.
    Feedback from the market, the jet vortex spinning MVS, are good at spinning spun rayon, which can maximize production capacity, especially in improving the MVS MVS spinning weaving efficiency and reduce sizing, reduce labor, reduce costs, obvious advantages, the crude product support ring in the capacity to challenge, but the jet vortex spinning demand for raw materials than other spinning devices, such as polyester fibers must be used for production models, and environmental requirements for the production of higher ring . Vortex spinning investment cost is relatively large, but an area of the province, less labor (17 10,000 employment by Ring). Vortex spinning joint less, reducing the hole on knitting, reduce breakage on fabrics, improve efficiency, these advantages depend on companies to explore, find.
    When the same species consumes relatively tons of yarn, spinning technology descending order of spinning - Ring - jet vortex spinning - spinning, spinning equipment and investment in descending order of MVS Spinning - spinning - spinning - ring.

    In addition, some enterprises in the different accounting spinning equipment costs, often simple comparison spinning equipment, while ignoring other details. Enterprises to cope with balancing the labor costs per ton of yarn, electricity, equipment depreciation, management fees detailed accounts. Currently, plus compact spinning Siro spinning of rayon in the market is very tight, while imports spinning device can also achieve the same quality, many plants have already imported spinning rayon production, but which more economy? Ring in 1000 if the automatic doffing spinning long vehicles with R923 320 head (quite ring 1000), the former spinning around 600,000 yuan each, roving machines 100000, automatic winding 300,000, artificial 100,000 yuan and other costs add up to almost 100 million, while R923 spinning equipment investment 2.4 million yuan each, spinning Siro spinning invest only about half. However, this is only appropriate when spinning raw materials and varieties, if spin change other fiber varieties may not be so, so enterprises must be considered a breakdown of inputs and outputs allow optimal settings.
    Case connection
    SMEs are relatively weak force, strategic choices should abandon the "big" thinking, combined with their own reality, to seize the key success factors, develop streamlined "little strategic" such as "leveraging the power of" relying on large corporate brand and market, and win-win cooperation with large enterprises; SME products and services to take "a boat out to sea" strategy, provide complementary products and services for large enterprises to enter the international market; "virtual strategy" is to limited resources, such as core competencies marketing ability to retain, the other functions of the virtualization outsourcing enterprises and institutions to achieve a multiplier effect; "joint strategy" is more suitable for small and medium textile enterprises, such as a cluster of small and medium textile enterprises in the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, powerful performance, and involve individuals on universal weak. "Joint strategy" is based on strategic alliances, through a number of independent companies cooperate on a particular resource or project, to avoid price competition, kill each other, but also to promote enterprise product sales and brand image.
    Also affected by the financial crisis, we are also facing the textile and cotton valley upside down, but there are some business with a bang. I believe that these enterprises trick is a beat faster than other companies to seize the market pulse, entrepreneurs do not squander money, opinionated, but always with strategic objective eye on the market to know ourselves, to customers integrity of treatment, the product quality seen life, relying on quality with service, with a new idea to market.
    Win in "different"
    In most textile companies are still sticking to the cotton product, Jinhai Lan Textile Co., Ltd. Zhangjiagang Bonded Zone already the product offered to dyed yarn, business products mainly to the main cotton-spinning, blended yarn color supplement (including polyester, rayon, nylon, acrylic, wool, modal fiber, bamboo fiber, milk fiber, etc.), provide for the domestic knitting yarn line thermal underwear brand, such as the Antarctic, Beiji Rong, fibrils birds, Heng Yuan Xiang and so on.
    Similarly, the new Textile Co., Ltd. Nantong Buddha soluble yarn production and sales, high twist yarn, untwisted yarn and combed yarn line and other special varieties, has won the trust of our customers and a number of enterprises established long-term cooperative relationship. In recent years, a lot of cotton spinning enterprises are relying on technological innovation to the "pursuit of excellence, advocating natural" product concept, continue to provide the community ecology, environmental protection and harmonious new worsted products, and product differentiation, greatly improving the add-on products value and profit space.
    Win in "comprehensive quality"
    Huvis Shaoxing Textile Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production of suede, in its "Weishi" brand product orders full. The company not only has its own quality control system, also has a dedicated business school for staff training to employees about product knowledge, sales skills, customer psychology, also introduced a set of incentives, training staff of social responsibility. Customers to the plant to see the business class management, high-end equipment, excellent quality of the marketing staff, customer orders, only the "rest assured" word.
    In the fierce competition in the textile industry today, mature operating system, product quality and price is one of the reasons to attract customers, but corporate mature management system, quality of service and even social responsibility, is the basis for long-term cooperation with customers and trust. Facts have proved that, as competition intensifies among vendors, orders focus on the trend will become increasingly evident, Ebb Tide, eventually left are the good overall quality of enterprises, which is also considered a lot of textile companies and garment enterprises and the industry real sustainable development of the country.
    Win in "resource integration"
    "Phoenix village" textile trading company committed to creating high-quality, comprehensive textile supply chain, the company integrated DuPont, Lenzing, Mitsubishi and other well-known international chemical fiber textile enterprise resources, research and development every year thousands of models of stable quality original new, also fabric design into new garments on display. The company through accurate grasp of market prospective, pioneered the use of Tencel, Modal, bamboo fiber, moisture perspiration fiber, superfine modified fiber, soybean fiber, milk fiber and other new types of fiber, by difference cashmere, wool, silk, etc. Victoria component fiber blended develop high-end products, the formation of product diversification, quality of competitive advantage, become the new fiber products pioneer and market the first entrants. This is equivalent to a complete textile service platform, where customers can achieve all-round various needs.